Why Simply Going to the Gym is Overrated
For newcomers to fitness and exercise, the easy fix and obvious choice to get in shape seems to always be going to the local gym. They think, ‘My fit friends have gym memberships, maybe that’s what I’ll do’. Simple thinking gets you nowhere, and though the gym seems like a viable option for most people, it may not be the best way for you to reach your goals.

With Fitium, there are no guessing games. The simple programs and easy-to-follow meal plans will immediately get you on the right track without making you waste time and effort at the gym. Below are a few reasons why simply going to the gym is overrated and why Fitium provides better results with personalized programs.

No Salesman Tactics
Do not be fooled, gym employees and instructors are more often than not better salesman than they are fitness professionals. They are fully aware that people go to them seeking guidance in a world they don’t understand. In most cases, gym employees take advantage of this and try to sell a product instead of a lifestyle. Like salesman, they make newcomers believe they NEED the membership, NEED a personal trainer, and NEED to attend multiple classes in order to achieve their goals. Once the newcomer is hooked on spending thousands of dollars and committed to a year of classes, the support stops.

With Fitium, there are no salesman, only fitness professionals and practicing physicians committed to helping you achieve your goals. From step one, freedom and flexibility stays in the customers hands. From choosing monthly or yearly plans to deciding when and where to work out, there are no pressures and high-stress commitments. What Fitium provides is a low-stress environment for you to achieve your goals at your own pace while still providing personal support from fitness professionals.

Personal Approach
The gym provides many benefits when compared to sitting on your butt at home; however, when compared to the Fitium personal approach, it falls short. Going to the gym means working around gym hours and class times, causing you to alter your own schedule. For students and working parents, this poses a large problem because of an inconsistent schedule. It also means exercising in a stressful environment where you feel constantly judged by your peers; making it hard to excel and provides yet another reason not to exercise.

What Fitium provides is an option for multiple at-home workouts that can be just as effective and show the same results as going to the gym five times a week. Scheduling is a non-issue as you can exercise within your own home at the hours that best fit your lifestyle. It’s so simple; it just becomes a part of your routine. Even in apartments or houses with little open space, Fitium provides quick and easy full-body workouts that require little to no equipment, no stressful classes and no strangers watching your every move.

Personalized Diet Plans
Gym instructors and dieticians often use recycled diet advice when talking to members looking for a change. The same old high-protein, low-calorie diet is not an effective approach for everyone and often shows little results. Strict diets are difficult to maintain and even harder to monitor and evaluate without help.

With Fitium’s personalized diet plans, starting, maintaining and tracking are made much easier. For starters before you jump into a diet plan, all of your personal information and diet history are taken into account to provide advice for a true diet that is personal to your body, your goals and even your eating habits. The system then provides dozens of quick and tasty meals that are designed by Fitium professionals, taken from a large and accessible food database. The meal planner also works as a food diary allowing you to track your intake to make sure you are meeting each and every one of your weight and fitness goals. The meal planner also caters to specific dietary requirements – whether you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant, Fitium has a diet plan personalized for you and you alone.

These are just a few of the reasons why the Fitium system provides more benefits than hitting the gym. Fitium gives you multiple personalized options to reach your individual fitness goals without the baggage that the gym requires. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. There is no risk involved and you don’t even have to leave your home to find out.