What Do Bowflex Reviews Say?

Bowflex reviews primarily revolve around convenience and the myriad of ways the Bowflex can be used to get into shape. Because the Bowflex is in your home and available at any time of day, convenience plays a large role in why many people make the investment in this pricey machine. While it is an investment, most people say they are happy with the purchase and see it as a long term investment in their health as well.

Bowflex Reviews For Weight Loss

Many people who purchase the Bowflex do so to lose weight. The Bowflex provides an overall intense workout that focuses on resistance training. While resistance training should not be the sole means of losing weight, it is very effective, as muscle burns more calories than fat. It’s for this reason that those with limited fitness abilities will find themselves feeling lighter with only resistance training as their weight loss regimen.

If you are looking to lose weight and aren’t sure where to start, the Bowflex is equipped with a DVD and manual, along with online support for various exercises. There are exercises for every shape and age group, making the Bowflex an investment that will last you for many years to come. The key to losing weight is to keep your exercises exciting and fresh. And consistent! With the Bowflex, there are hundreds of workouts to choose from. You can work out five times a week and never repeat an exercise unless you choose too. This is important for those who have tried out fitness equipment before but are bored with the treadmill or the elliptical machine.

Those who are serious about weight loss must also be mindful about what they eat. A diet rich with lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and plenty of water are idea to supplement any physical activity done to lose weight.

Bowflex Reviews For Strength Training

You can use the Bowflex as your sole means for strength training. For those who are at a healthy body weight, but are looking to maintain their physiques and tone, the Bowflex will be a great fit. Bowflex reviews repeatedly mention that you can sculpt the type of body you love with the machine, regardless if that’s big and muscular or long and lean. It all depends on the style of exercises done and the reps. Remember to build large muscles, you want to do as many reps as possible. For a lean shape, the key is several reps done in short sets (such as 15 reps per set). The Bowflex reviews are specific enough to say that the machine is effective for both men and women and the key to making it work is consistent practice.

Bowflex Reviews Recap

Ultimately, you decide what works for your body. The Bowflex is a pricey investment, but people around the country are impressed with the results it gives. Reviews also mention the machine can take some time (and usually more than one person) to put together.  This is something to consider when making the commitment to buying a Bowflex machine.